Famous People With Vitiligo

In our daily goings-on we don’t often see someone else with vitiligo, so sometimes it’s comforting to read of people who have vitiligo and have achieved a level of notoriety in their industry.

Graham Norton is a British TV presenter/ comedian

Lee Thomas is a anchorman who recently surfaced up with his book Turning white

Bryan Danielson, an American pro wrestler


Doc Hammer, the co creator of VENTURE BROS.

John Henson, a us comedian and TV host

Kara-Louise is a young girl who participated in Big Brother 8

Big Krizz Kaliko, a US rapper

Thomas Lennon, an actor from reno 911

Hedvig Lindahl, a football player from Sweden

Joe Rogan, American actor and stand up comedian

J.D. Runnels, Chicago Bears football player.

Sisqo, rapper (the guy who alwas wears a band aid on his cheek)

Rasheed Wallace, NBA basketball player.

Fez Whatley, tv star has vitiligo on his face

Michael Jackson the pop singer

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