Over 70% Repigmentation Achieved In Patients With Stable Vitiligo

A high percentage of repigmentation is achieved in patients with stable vitiligo by noncultured epidermal cell transplantation, according to both subjective and objective evaluation methods.

In this soon to be published study in the journal “Dermatology”, noncultured autologous melanocytes and keratinocytes were grafted in a hyaluronic-acid-enriched suspension on superficially laser-abraded vitiligo lesions in 40 patients with refractory stable vitiligo.

The repigmentation was evaluated 3-12 months after grafting using a digital image analysis system. Furthermore, the treatment was evaluated from the patients’ point of view with the Dermatology Life Quality Index and a global assessment.

The mean percentage of repigmentation at the last follow-up visit was 72%; a repigmentation of more than 70% was observed in 62% of the patients. The best results were achieved in the neck and presternal regions.

All patients were satisfied with the achieved results, found it worthwhile to undergo the treatment and would choose to do so again.

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