“I absolutely love Vitiligo Cover, it has given me back my life.” – Mary T., Canada

paraben free lotion vitiligo cover 8oz

paraben free lotion vitiligo cover

Vitiligo Cover™ lotion is Paraben free and specially created to blend the white patches of vitiligo with your natural skin tone; the result is healthy, even-toned skin that you’ll be happy to reveal year-round.

Our dermatologist recommended lotion is will not streak and it can easily be applied to any part of your body. Because Vitiligo Cover™ does not contain dyes or bronzers, the color will not wash off in water, and you’ll only need to apply it once per week for outstanding coverage.

You’ll once again enjoy wearing shorts and t-shirts, skirts and sandals, and going to the pool or beach.

  • Perfect for men, women, and children.
  • Order today to receive a free face/hand lotion applicator
  • Safe to use with topical vitiligo treatments
  • 1 bottle will last 2-3 months when used all over your body- and much longer if used only on smaller areas.