The Waves Of Vitiligo

Every now and then, our self-assurance is put to test: I am really okay with my vitiligo? How do I feel being asked, “what are those white patches that consume your skin?” If you’d had vitiligo long enough, you would know, that self-acceptance and confidence come in waves.

Months will go by and your self-acceptance has not wavered. when people stop and stare or even ask questions, you happily answer. Looking in the mirror is no longer a chore, maybe you even find myself sometimes smiling back. When the high from wave has become the new normal, you can forget what the lows even feel like. Sooner or later though, the peak of the wave hits, changing the tide, and sinking you back down.

The reality of this situation is that unwavering self-acceptance is truly hard to come by not feeling comfortable, to dislike the skin that you wearing, or ultimately, wishing to go back to our pre-vitiligo beauty selves. These are all horrible and self-loathing feelings but sadly, not uncommon. Sadly, where there are highs you’ll be able to find lows. When we are faced with the self-loathing lows we have to keep moving forward. Secondly, we need to remember that this all part of the journey of having vitiligo. It can feel isolating at times. When logging onto Facebook and seeing post after post of other vitiligo beauties being totally comfortable with who they are now. Even, spreading positivity over our shared skin condition and all you wanna do is scream, “NO, VITILIGO IS UNFAIR!” Everyone goes through this and it is completely normal.

If everyone on average lives to 80+, do you think that every day is going to be a cakewalk? If your “funk” lasts a minute, a day, a month, or several years. Whatever the length of time it lasts you, yes it will be different for each of us, it will be a minuscule part of your time on earth.

Allow yourself the time to heal and move forward. Once you do, you can feel the high of self-acceptance once again. Additionally, if you go through this emotional roller-coaster several times, remember it’s normal.

Having vitiligo can be tough but don’t forget to rejoice in the highs but also, don’t hold back from feeling the lows, just remember to keep on pushing through every wave that comes with vitiligo.

Leave a comment below on how you get past your lows!

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