Vitamins That Stopped My Vitiligo From Spreading

For the past few years I have not developed any new white patches of vitiligo and I think it may be due to the vitamins that I take. In this video I tell you the names of the vitamins that may be helping me not depigment in new spots on my skin.

Show Notes:

List of vitamins mentioned in the video:

Thyroid Complete
Folic Acid
DHA- Omega 3
B12 liquid or sublingual
Vitamin D

My pill box:

vitamins for vitiligo pill box

I do not include the dosage that I take because I think it’s safest to always get dosage recommendations from either your doctor, a pharmacist, a nutritionist, or the directions on the bottle of the particular vitamin. The reason for this is that ones medical history, and any current medications one may be taking, could be affected by certain vitamins; therefore, it’s necessary to clear this with someone who is knowledgeable in these matters.

Until there is a cure, I use Vitiligo Cover lotion to cover the white patches. It makes me forget that I have vitiligo.

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