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“I absolutely love Vitiligo Cover, it has given me back my life.” – Mary T., Canada

vitiligo cover lotion

Vitiligo Cover lotion is Paraben free and specially created to blend the white patches of vitiligo with your natural skin tone; the result is healthy, even-toned skin that you’ll be happy to reveal year-round.

Our dermatologist recommended lotion is will not streak and it can easily be applied to any part of your body. Because Vitiligo Cover does not contain dyes or bronzers, the color will not wash off in water, and you’ll only need to apply it once per week for outstanding coverage.

You’ll once again enjoy wearing shorts and t-shirts, skirts and sandals, and going to the pool or beach.

  • Perfect for men, women, and children.
  • Order today to receive a free face/hand lotion applicator
  • Safe to use with topical vitiligo treatments
  • 1 bottle will last 2-3 months when used all over your body- and much longer if used only on smaller areas.

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Vitiligo Cover Around the World

I am very proud that the manufacturer of Vitiligo Cover™ Lotion pioneered the original 100% natural and chemical-free suncare products in the early 1990’s.  All of their unique formulas are carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient- and vitamin-rich plants, minerals, and renewable sources. They also adhere to a strict No Animal Testing Policy for all their products and ingredients.

Our ingredients:

Deionized Water, Emulsifying Wax, Isopropyl Palmitate, Steareth-10, Steareth-2, Ceteareth-20, Cyclomethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Dihydroxyacetone, Sodium PCA, Walnut Extract, Glycerine, Essence of Pina Colada


DHA (dihydroxyacetone): The Active Ingredient in Vitiligo Cover™

DHA, approved by the FDA in 1973,  is derived from sugarcane or sugar beets. This natural sugar derivative, when applied to the skin, reacts with amino acids in the skin’s surface layers (stratum corneum) to create a tan-like color. DHA is safe and has been used in self-tanning products for over 35 years. Researchers have now perfected the level of DHA to produce an authentic looking color that closely emulates a real sun-tan. Vitiligo Cover contains 8% DHA, which is much more than found in over-the-counter products.


(If your skin is very dry and/or flakey, please be sure to apply a regular lotion to your body for a few days prior to applying Vitiligo Cover lotion, so your skin is soft and healthy for it to give optimal results.)

Shower using an exfoliating scrub or loofah and dry off thoroughly before applying the lotion. (If you skip this first step, you will not attain the desired results of the lotion.)

* For best results use the lotion over the entire body or at least the whole appendage where the vitiligo is located. However, if you’d like to apply the lotion only to a particular white patch, be sure to use the edge of a washcloth to gently smooth around the edges so as to wipe any lotion off the pigmented skin.

Body: Arms, Legs, Torso

Apply a light layer of Vitiligo Cover lotion, in a circular motion, to the whole area. Pay special attention to blend the lotion over shoulders and down arms ending at the wrist. Keep arms bent so the lotion distributes evenly over elbows. Do the same for the knees.


Rinse off hands with warm water and soap. A scrub brush will take off any excess from your palms and assure that nails aren’t stained. Be sure to dry hands thoroughly with a dark towel before applying the lotion. Apply a small amount of lotion to the backs of hands and blend evenly with the applicator sponge. Lightly dab the knuckles with a towel after application to remove excess lotion.

Applicator sponge for use on hands, feet, & face only.


Apply a very light coat to your face, being sure to fully blend onto your neck, blending onto your shoulders.

LET Vitiligo Cover Lotion DO THE WORK …and in 6-8 hours the vitiligo patches will blend with your natural skin tone. You can use the lotion before bed if you use darker colored sheets or, simply wait 15 minutes after application before dressing.

While the color is developing, Do not get water or sweat on the areas

Application Tips

  1. Always use a light coat of the lotion when applying- More is not better.
  2. Use large circular motions when applying the lotion
  3. Apply a regular moisturizing lotion daily to keep your skin hydrated, and the new color will last longer (any over the counter brand, but not a sunless tanning lotion).
  4. During the summer months, you may wish to apply more than one layer in order to match your tanned skin tone.
  5. Apply a 2nd or 3rd layer of Vitiligo Cover lotion if needed to achieve the desired effect. Upon first use, be sure to wait 8 hours after the 1st layer fully develops before applying the 2nd. After the first time using Vitiligo Cover Lotion and experimenting with how many layers work best for your skin, you need only wait 15 minutes to apply the 2nd layer.
  6. You will only need to reapply the vitiligo cover lotion about once per week to maintain a more even skin tone.

Caution: For external use only. Does not contain sunscreen.

How does Vitiligo Cover Lotion work?

Vitiligo Cover lotion darkens the white patches of vitiligo to blend beautifully with your pigmented skin.  The key ingredient, DHA (derived from natural sugars), reacts with the cells just below the skins surface that have stopped producing their own melanin, and makes them produce coloring. Then, as your dead skin cells naturally slough off, the color will slowly fade (usually about 1 week). Since the color is derived from your own skin cells, you don’t need to worry about choosing a color to match your skin tone.

Is Vitiligo Cover Lotion safe to use with other vitiligo treatments?

Yes. Vitiligo Cover lotion is safe to use with topical treatment creams and ointments; simply apply the medication prior to the lotion. I used Vitiligo Cover lotion during my NB-UVB treatments after it was approved for use by my dermatologist.

How long will one 6oz bottle last?

There’s a couple of variables that go into answering this question: where you’re applying it and your height and weight. I am 5’5″ and weigh 125lbs, I use the lotion on my entire body each week and 1 bottle lasts a little over 3 months. However, if you apply it only to your hands and face, the bottle should last for many months.

Is Vitiligo Cover Lotion safe to use on children?

Vitiligo Cover Lotion is safe for any age, but it is recommended that parents apply the lotion to children under the age of 10.

How do i know what color will match my skin tone?

You can’t buy the wrong color. The DHA reacts with your own skin cells to produce the color. If you have a dark complexion, you will want to experiment with layering the lotion until you have the exact color to match your natural skin tone. Detailed instructions do come with your package to help guide you.

What makes Vitiligo Cover Lotion different from over-the-counter products?

Vitiligo Cover Lotion is manufactured by a company that pioneered the original 100% natural, chemical-free sun care products in the early 1990’s and they have set the same exacting standards for all of their skin care products.

Also, Vitiligo Cover Lotion contains 8% DHA, almost twice as much as other products, and because our lotion base is a unique formula which is carefully selected from nature’s most nutrient- and vitamin-rich plants, and minerals (Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Rosehips Oil, and Walnut Extract) it improves the health, texture, and appearance of your skin.

What is DHA and is it safe to use with vitiligo?

First, I’d like to say that DHA is perfectly safe to use on vitiligo and is highly recommended by doctors, dermatologists, and scientists, as safe and effective means of covering vitiligo white patches. Ask your dermatologist and/or check any of the reputable medical websites for confirmation.

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

US Food and Drug Administration

Dermatology Online Journal

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a simple sugar derived from the sugar cane plant that has been used worldwide in the cosmetics industry for over 30 years. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts with dead surface cells in the outer skin, staining the skin darker. The effect is temporary, because as the dead cells naturally slough off, the color fades, disappearing within a week unless the lotion has been reapplied. DHA is the only FDA-approved skin-tinting additive. Products containing this chemical don’t photo-age the skin or contribute to skin cancer.

Do I apply the Vitiligo Cover Lotion on the vitiligo white patch only or to the normal skin as well?

I use it all over, and this is what I always recommend; it just helps the blending look so much better. However, you can apply Vitiligo Cover lotion to just the white patches if you’re careful to gently wipe the outer edges so the surrounding pigmented skin remain neutral.

Do you use animal testing?

We are against any type of animal testing. We never test our products or ingredients on animals, nor engage with third-party suppliers to test on our behalf.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship world-wide.


Due to health and safety reasons we do not accept returned lotions.

Here are the countries/cities where people who purchase Vitiligo Cover™ Lotion live:

Czech Republic
Faroe Islands
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Vietnam (South)


“Well I finally cracked open the first bottle of Vitiligo Cover and followed your instructions. The vitiligo is well-covered. The product is magic. Very satisfied. Also, it’s nice to know that there is someone there who is interested in the well-being of customers! Thanks very much. I am a regular customer now.” – Charles  Click Here to Read More

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What is (leucoderma) Vitiligo? Vitiligo is a chronic skin condition characterized by loss of coloring pigment, resulting in uneven pale patches appearing on the skin and mucus membranes. Vitiligo is also known as leukoderma.

Potential Causes of Vitiligo: The main cause of Vitiligo is not confirmed; however, various researchers have different theories about its cause ranging from genetic issues to immune system response.

How is vitiligo diagnosed? The diagnosis of vitiligo is given based on laboratory tests and/ or the doctor’s visual observation.

Vitiligo Symptoms: White Spots Patches on skin Vitiligo lips white patches on the lips or face below the nose. White Spots on Your Back, Face, hands, Arms, Legs, Feet, Neck, Lips, Knees, Chest, elbows, and Genital Areas.White Patches on Your Back, Face, hands, Arms, Legs, Feet, Neck, Lips, Knees, Chest, elbows, and Genital Areas.Or random white spots anywhere on your body.

Treatments for Vitiligo: Topical psoralen, photochemotherapy, Depigmentation, Psoralen photochemotherapy, Oral psoralen, Topical steroid therapy, Surgical therapies, Skin grafts using blisters, Autologous skin grafts, Micropigmentation (tattooing), Autologous melanocyte transplants, Makeup, Vitiligo Cover Lotion.